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  The Place of Angels

from Elizabeth with love !                                             


 centre for five years called "the Place of Angels" where therapists, teachers and the spiritually wise gave talks to folk who came to listen. Teachers visited there from other parts of the world, giving a certain amount of their time for no charge. They stayed at the centre which was a self catering home from home without any charge, and they did assist with donations of time or money. Many local folk involved with the Place of Angels worked for very little reward, except a thank you and I treasure the effort they put in on my behalf. We met extraordinary people and were very privileged to have such a nurturing experience.

I promised my angel I would try to establish a centre called the Place of Angels for the free dissemination of knowledge but I failed when the family chose to return to England where I now live. This failure has been a deep sadness to me.

This site is my attempt to keep a promise I made to my angels and my friends.

To all those who were nourished with us at The Place of Angels - love and blessings....